About Manny

Who is Manny Krasner and Why does he want to be a State Representative?

Manny and Pat

When I came back to Farmington after law school and started a law practice in 1976, I had a government surplus desk, a Royal portable electric typewriter and 14 law books. My wife, Patricia Frisella, worked teaching school in Rochester while I got the law practice off the ground. My first law office was in the living room space of our one room log cabin which I had built while I was teaching school in Rochester. In January 1978 I opened my first office in downtown Farmington.

Through my law practice I have helped a lot of people; employed a number of people, many from Farmington; and made a living.  After 44 years I can say the law practice has been successful
Pat and I have raised two wonderful kids, and expanded the one room log cabin into a full size house. We've also raised the barn and then raised sheep, cows, horses and now chickens. We have made good friends and are settled here.

During our time here I have served on the Farmington Planning Board, as secretary and later as chair. I have served two turns as Town Moderator, been on the Library Board of Trustees and now serve as the chair of the Trustees of Trust Funds for the Town.

I want to continue to serve my community. I want to see that the laws that our legislature makes are fair and evenhanded. I want to see the state stand up to its responsibilities instead of pushing them onto the towns and cities.  I will work with anyone, Republican, Democrat or independent who has a good idea.

I will try to be a sensible voice for practical solutions to real problems.  I believe our representative democracy is the best government system yet created. I want to be part of it so I can continue to help people.

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