What were Manny's Experiences in Farmington?

It has been nearly 50 years, and I still appreciate many things about living here: the physical beauty of the area,  the friends we have made, and what I would call the sense of the community.  We help each other out.  We can cooperate to get things done.  For many years, Leslie O. Barden gave us advice and help about farming and raising livestock.  We helped him bring in his hay.  Our neighbors helped raise our barn, and we helped raise their barn. Years ago, when the school needed a new playground, local businesses contributed material and the community got together, brought our tools one weekend, and built the playground according to proper specifications.  

Manny and Pat's log cabin in the 1970s.
My history in Farmington begins with the purchase of a sheep pasture from Leslie Bardon in the early 1970's. I was teaching school in Rochester and wanted to build a log cabin in the woods. With the help of my then girlfriend, now wife, Patricia Frisella, I finished the log cabin in 1973, just in time to leave for Rutgers Law School. The following summer Pat and I got married in the front yard of the log cabin.

After law school returned to Farmington. Pat taught first grade in Rochester while I took my government surplus desk , my 14 law books and a Royal portable electric typewriter to start the practice of law. 

I practiced out of the living room section of our one room log cabin until January 16, 1978 when I opened an office at 16 South Main Street. (the building no longer exists).   I entered into a partnership with the Nute Law Firm. I also served from 1978 to 1982 as assistant Strafford County Attorney. Stephanie Nute left the firm to become a full-time marital master.  In 1982, I went out on my own, moving first to the Haywood block, now the parking lot, and then to my current location at 523 Main Street, originally Dr Parker’s home and office, where I continue to practice with the Coolidge law firm.

Manny's Announcement of Law Firm Opening

I have met many wonderful people here, as clients. colleagues, and and as parents.  I have made lasting friendships.   I have had a  general practice providing almost every legal service that anyone in Farmington has needed, from real estate, to adoptions, to personal injury, to labor and employment law. For a number of years I represented the American Federation of teachers in New Hampshire, and for several years throughout northern New England. My office also served as municipal prosecutor for the Farmington Police Department in the 1990s and early 2000s. The practice grew over a number of years and I provided employment, to a number of people in Farmington and gave them a jumping off place to move onto employment with the courts and with larger firms beyond Farmington. In 2017, I merged with the Coolidge Law Firm who I trust will continue to keep the office open after I retire. These  days I am working from home using Zoom and phone conferences because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Along the way I have always been actively involved in Town affairs.  I started with the Planning Board, first as a member, then as Secretary, then as Chair.   That’s where I met Butch Barron and Bob Moriarty who became a lifelong friends.  I also served as Town Moderator in the ‘80’s again in the late ‘90’s.   I served for years as a Goodwin Library Trustee, and I am currently the Chair of the Trustees of Trust Funds for the Town.  

Manny and daughter Becca.
While this was going on, Pat and I raised a barn with the help of neighbors and friends.  In the barn Pat  has raised sheep, cows, horses, and now chickens.  I help with the grunt work.   We also raised two kids, Becca and Nate, who started school here an then went further afield.  Becca is an editor working from home, and staunchly maintains her residence here. Nate is a firefighter/EMT for Baltimore County.

Nowadays we limit our homesteading to gardening (flowers , vegetables and  fruit trees ) keeping chickens and tree farming.  I do anything that needs a chainsaw or the tractor, and Pat does the pruning, and brush clearing. We plan to remain.  Our ashes will be scattered in the memory garden where we have buried so many pets and scattered the ashes of my parents.  

I would like to add to my history in Farmington by serving in the legislature.  There I will work to solve the problems faced b y people here, problems that make life more difficult than it needs to be.   I remain hopeful that the people of Farmington with give me the chance and that I will be able to make a difference.   

Log cabin came down and the new house went up.

Gathering  kindling with son Nate.
Pat Frisella with daughter, Becca.

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